Work package 4


  • Life cycle assessment of the DAC2.0 system which includes the impacts from cradle, i.e. production of MOFs, electricity, heat, and other inputs, to grave, i.e. disposal of the system;
  • The goal is to ensure that the DAC2.0 system decreases the impacts on climate change and to identify hotspots for further improvements;
  • The WP also ensures that other areas of environmental concern are not overburdened.


WP4 image 2


Energy System Modelling

  • Energy system analyses focus the role of DAC for carbon utilisation, and long-term carbon storage for a 1.5°C compliant energy transition
  • Main aims are the identification of
    • phase-in trajectories of DAC
    • interaction with other CO2 raw material sources
    • net-negative CO2 emission technologies
    • volumes of DAC required
  • Special focus for negative CO2 emission technologies will be DAC, bioenergy, and afforestation


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WP 4